Wednesday, November 16, 2005


My God.

I haven't gone to bed before 3 for at least a few weeks now. I think you could see it on the lines under my eyes. I've been going to bed so late because of school, and sometimes because of stupid reasons. Oh yeah, from now on I will try to write in good English, for the desis out there (like my annoying brother).

I know that I am doing good so far in only one class, that I know for certain. My arabic exam today wasn't so good, and stats is tomorrow. I mean, not all is lost yet on the rest of the classes, but I really need to pull through. I don't know what to do because how much more can I do? I have never been an academic, but that is not an excuse. This weekend I plan on catching up inshallah, but also on having fun, because its already November 16th and I need to have some fun in college.

I have been learning tabla. Alhumdulillah, I am really enjoying it and its going well. I've never had musical lessons before - I never thought my first lessons would be in tabla. It was frustrating at first but after a few days of practicing the note Na, it's been good. It might get harder though, as of right now I only know 3 taals and one luggy.

The script is going ok. I am way behind on pages because I started over, but I am writing at least. Act 2 is due at the beginning of December? Which means I have about 100 pages to write in these 2 weeks. What a fun thanksgiving school break I will have eh?

Editing still progressing, I think the sound room will finally get put up soon. Paintings? Those, unfortunately, always get left last.

I'm going to see Harry Potter tomorrow night inshallah. I normally would have been excited for a few days leading up to it, but I'm not for some reason, which is probably a good thing. I actually have a friend (who is going with other people) who wants to dress up when she sees it, and she's my age. How funny is that?

Anyway, I'm a bit overwhelmed right now. I'm only writing in this because I'm at work. I don't have time to do all the creative stuff that I want to do. I wanted to be more involved with student stuff too this year, so that's also been taking up time, BUT, it is time well spent. It's important to think of others and not just yourself and school. But yeah, school's rubbish. If my brother reads this he will be disappointed, he's like my parent. Happy belated (a bit) birthday!