Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Coldplay at DTE

I went yesterday to DTE Music Center (whatever its called) to see Coldplay live. The opening act was Rilo Kiley, some small band that I didn't like at all. Then come on Coldplay. They're a good act live and sounded good, and are such crowd-pleasers, from the visual effects to Chris Martin's antics. As always the coolest of them was the bassist, Guy. The concert was good but, I wasn't really feeling it. Usually I jump around a lot and sing to all the songs, but not last night. I definitely prefer gigs in small venues instead. A band playing in a small venue with a packed crown that's totally into it instead of standing around and taking photos, is much better. I can't think of any other bands I like that are as big as Coldplay, and I've already seen Oasis (which played in a very similar venue), so from now on it seems like I will only go to small concerts.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Indian films

For you desis out there: my dad just watched on tv a music video for bunty and babli with amitabh bachan rapping. i don't think the indian film industry could get lower than that.

but there is still hope. i watched Mangel Pandey: The Rising, in Atlanta. This has Amir Khan who hasn't been on the screen for four years, and I've been a fan of this man since I was 5 years old, honestly. I remember watching Dil at that age. Anyway, needless to say, Mangal Pandey is an amazing film. Not just because it has Amir Khan in it, but it really is a well-made film. Its made by the guy who made Devdas and Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. Definetely see this one in the cinema.

I also watched Black when I was in South Carolina. This is an Indian film about the Helen Keller story, who I had never heard of before. This film was alright, it was shot well. But, I think Indian films definetely need a spark of creativity and originality. Its all remakes or versions of Western films or based on old Indian stories. For example, Bunti & Babli is based on Bonnie and Clyde, Mangel Pandey is Mangal Pandey and Black is off of Helen Keller. They need new ideas, definetely.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

first post

testing testing one two three

first post this is. i finished reading riding in cars with boys by beverly donofrio. or something. its a coming of age story, but about a teenager mother instead who's forced to grow up eventually. a good, charming, honest, true story, written by the teenage mother herself, though not the best writing.

i am in south carolina, i leave on saturday, i got here on saturday. i was in charleston sunday and monday, the place to go to around here. its a place on the coast with loads of history. very nice and lovely place, walked around it, went to the beach (at night!), lots of eating out and hanging out with cousins. really a great place.