Monday, June 18, 2018

On children

The children in that audio recording who were separated from their parents at the border - sound just like the children in my family.

The cries of "Papa" especially sounded just so, so familiar, while the little girl reciting her aunt's phone number sounded just like my resourceful and brainy niece.

Perhaps at some point, a little boy or little girl, no matter where they're from, can sound exactly the same when they are crying out for their mother or father.

I was just with some of the kiddies in my own family. My brother and I took his kids to a local fun fair a couple of days ago. My nephew was always trailing behind us as he slurped on his snowcone and held onto his plush toy. But for a few brief moments, he got mixed up in a random group, and he looked around for us. I saw the immediate - immediate - looks of utter panic and fright and terror and horror on his face when he thought he had lost us, when he thought we were no longer there. He didn't see his father, his older sister, or me, his aunt - the family members of his that were with him at this event.

I kept calling out his name and waving to him, as I was just a few yards away. My heart completely sank and broke as soon as I saw his reaction to him thinking that we were gone. This was thankfully, extremely brief, perhaps five or six seconds, before he spotted me and ran straight to me, the closest family member. But his reaction in those few seconds made me think right away, of how terrified children understandably become when they believe that they are completely alone; when they do not recognize anyone around them.

I heard that audio recording, and my heart sank and broke again. I pictured those children in my head. What an absolutely disgusting and revolting country we live in.

Once again, if I ever come across anyone who claims that America is better than any other country in any way, well here's yet more proof to the contrary.