Saturday, April 28, 2018

On shedding

Shedding. shed shed shed. Literally as well. Showed the first rough cut of my new work a couple of exhausting nights ago, and I realized that this film, more than any other one before, really reflects who I am right now as I continue to evolve yet again. And along this I realized that my past work doesn't belong to who I am anymore. No longer represents me and hasn't for a long time, much like other things in my life. So I'm shedding my past work, leaving that and other things in the past. What I'm working on now really shows who I am NOW and what I'm struggling with, and yes it makes it very painful for me to watch and edit - but it's what I chose to do, I chose to channel my pain into the film and indeed I couldn't help it. It's cathartic in some ways but I'm still dealing with these things, and I'm not sure where these things are going to land, and in the meantime the representation of these things are in the film that I now have to edit and finish.


Thursday, April 12, 2018


I once wanted to make a series of spiritual paintings, but I now no longer do.

Here though, are some of the quotes I was going to use. I still like the quotes. I still appreciate Hafiz, Rumi, Shams, the Sufis in general, sufismo in general.