Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A letter to Banksy

Dear Banksy,
I have thought of writing this letter for some time. I hope that somehow you get word of this post and read it.

I joined the many legions of your fans a few years ago. I had the privilege of seeing your work first-hand in London. I'm a filmmaker and I also believe that art should and needs to be subversive, and that it should spark dialogue and create change.

I would like to ask you to come to Detroit. To my knowledge, I don't think the walls that exist in Detroit have been utilized as a canvas for your work yet. There's a huge gathering in Detroit from June 22nd-26th, called the U.S. Social Forum. No its not a socialist propaganda thing, if it was I wouldn't go. It'll just be a massive space for thinkers and movement-makers to come together and learn from each other. I think you should show up discreetly and attend the workshops (such as the Left Turn workshops). And while you're in Detroit, take advantage of the concrete surfaces of the city.

Detroit is waiting for you.

Kind regards, and lots of respect,