Saturday, March 07, 2009

Watchmen = waste of time

Allow me to clarify, the only reason I saw this piece of rubbish was to hang out with my brother, who for some reason decided that this film was a must-see and worthy of buying tickets for beforehand.

So I went and watched it, not knowing anything about it before today. The only thing I had seen about the film were the film posters pasted up around town - everywhere. I'm not a filmmaker who's a film buff and cares to make the effort about what films are coming out, nor do I care to be. Especially when it comes to stuff from Hollywood.

So today I spared a minute to watch the trailer and really wasn't impressed. There were lots of explosions, flying things, and blue and green. That's the thing I remember the most about this film - all the blue (and the green? or maybe the yellow).

Speaking of trailers how about this: three trailers back to back in the cinema, before The Watchmen, and they were all the same - flying things, explosions, blood, guns, robots/superheroes/some other shit. Aaah, so typical! Just the same, mindless, brainwashing rubbish.

As was the Watchmen film. Oh I'm sure people love it because of the graphic novel and the 'big themes' the film is trying to touch upon - but I don't care. I see it as basically 2 and a half hours of blood, guts, guns, a creepy blue man who needs some clothes, stupid costumes, and people beating each other up or getting shot. Speaking of which, its not ok to show protesters getting shot and then just say, the killer understands how messed up the world is and that's why he kills innocent people, because its a joke. What the hell was that??

So that part and some other parts of the film were extremely disturbing and hegemonic. All the more reason why I hate Hollywood and the films that come out of that awful industry. Hollywood is so good at churning out the same rubbish again and again, repackaging it, selling it, and making tons of money off of it. Just how many comic book films have been made in the last decade? Probably a couple dozen, and I've seen maybe about 3 or 4, and the only ones that I like are the Batman films (respect to Christopher Nolan). I know the rest aren't worth my time, as well as most of the films that come out from those giant studios.

On top of that - this film is definitely not for kids. Its an R rating, and I can't remember the last time I saw an R-rated film like this. I was able to get into R-rated films as a teenager but they weren't anything like this. I really wonder why that guy who bought tons of popcorn would bring his kids to this film. I diverted my eyes during the cheesy and unnecessarily graphic love scenes by texting. I'm not asking for censorship or anything, but don't let kids watch the film. But of course, why would the cinemas or studios care? They make more money by letting kids watch it.

The only good thing I liked about the film was Matthew Goode. I like his previous work. But the blonde hair definitely didn't work for him.

The Watchmen gets a big 'booo' from me.