Saturday, March 03, 2007

This blog, and a Steinbeck piano

I HATE looking at old entries in this blog - it makes me just want to delete the whole thing, but I tell myself no, and just let them be. That's not easy, because they really make me cringe.
Also a certain someone said that I should write in 'proper English' in this thing because he thought my writing was really crap. That ended up in my entries sounding extremely posh, and I when I look at them now them seem really annoying, and they don't reflect me. So now - I'm gonna write the way I want! I don't care if its correct or not. At least I will be able to cringe less when I look at my posts, kna wot I mean?


On Edgware Road there's this piano shop that me and my friend just happened to walk by, and then we walked up to the window. There was this Steinbeck piano, and it was 25 GRAND (in £), in USD that's 50 GRAND. Why the hell is this piano so expensive? It looked extremely nice and slick and made wish I could actually play the piano, or anything at all, but....huh?? £25,000? For a piano? Pianos (ones like those) have got to be some of the most expensive instruments. I mean at that price its not even an instrument, just a showpiece of wealth. I'll take a photo of it next time.

Piano music is quite cool though, though I don't really listen to any. It's amazing for films, its like they were made for each other. The Amelie soundtrack just does my head in, pianos and all the other stuff that's there.

Here's the best part of the film The Pianist: