Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Expensive cars

I'm just gonna start over. Do something new. No point on continuing to work on something that probably can't be fixed. Perhaps I'll do something with that character later, but not for now. I have a new idea. I decided to go with stuff that I know about. I mean, really really know about. Base characters on people in my life and such. Again, this one might be too big of an idea, but since I know these people and experiences so well, iA I'll be able to pull it off. Plot will need work though. My main character, will be very familiar to me.

I'm taking a creative writing course. Hopefully I'll get some ideas outta that.

And why are Lamborghini's so expensive?

Monday, January 02, 2006

New Order

There was this one trailer. Probably the best trailer I've ever seen, so simple yet effective. It was a montage of clips, and a song playing. The song was cut up but it was just that one song, and I KNEW it was New Order, though I didn't know the song. It was a good trailer, and a good song. In the end it said Marie Antoinette, Fall 2006, by Sofia Coppola, and I said "oooooh" out loud, embarrasingly.

But my God wot a trailer! Best one I've ever seen I think. I've never thought about a bloody trailer so much. The song is what did it. Turns out its called "Age of Consent". Man New Order is such a great band.

Listen to New Order, especially the early stuff.