Sunday, January 28, 2007

Why Jarvis?

I have been having lots of freaky and interesting dreams lately. I can only remember a couple though. For some reason I have been having a lot of dreams about Michigan and people I know in Michigan. Then I had this last night, or in the morning:

I had a dream that Jarvis Cocker threaded my eyebrows, in some odd joint in the Lower East Side.
I'm gonna write that down in my idea book.

I have been to the LES, but never went to some odd and freaky/funky joint like the one I imagined. And I've never met Jarvis Cocker. Or even listened to a lot of his music.

But he's a cool bloke, for some reason. Here's something I read by him a while ago:

'Jarvis Cocker's review of the year'

Some excerpts:
'The only thing that spoils James Blunt for me is that I can’t abide his music or voice.'

'I can’t believe how many festivals are here in the UK now. Nobody wants to be outdoors that amount of the time. I just couldn’t understand why there were so many. Because the idea of a festival is that it’s something special, isn’t it? At one point, you just had Glastonbury, and it was around the time of the summer solstice, so it was a festival in the true sense – it was a big gathering and it was at least loosely tied to some kind of pagan ritual. Whereas with them happening every weekend, it’s kind of like they’re the new garden fĂȘte, which to me doesn’t go with rock music all that well.'

'That was the game where Zidane was really good, and the thing was he smiled. You just thought: God, he’s actually enjoying playing. That was the thing that did my head in about watching England – they all looked so miserable about it. Football is supposed to be about entertainment, so it was good to see somebody just relaxed and enjoying taking the piss out of the other team.'

Smash the system.

Global Warming

In early December (or something) London had a freak tornado.

Around Christmas time London had its foggiest weather in 15 years.

Just a couple weeks ago London had its windiest weather in 16 years.

How about a War on Global Warming?