Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Before Sunrise

As I write another feature script it'd be wise of me to both watch feature films and read feature scripts. Hence I just finished reading the script of Before Sunrise written by Richard Linklater (the director) and Kim Krizan.

Greatly enjoyed the 1+ hour I spent in Untitled Cafe at UCLA as I sat by the window, on a rainy and cloudy day in Los Angeles (which was a refreshing change, and the air smelled different), sipping on a cold brew coffee which is my choice of drink these days, and listened to this great mix. I watched the film last year, coincidentally on June 16th, which is also the date in the film that the characters meet on.

Anyway, some great lines here:

Page 50:
Jesse: You know her, but no one really knows anyone. That's the thing about relationships - people are always saying, "I want to know you, I want to know who you are." But it is so hard for anyone to even know themselves. Who I am is always changing, so how can anyone else share in that?

Celine: So that's it? It's been nice not knowing you.

They look over and see several elderly couples riding the bumper cars. 

Page 76:
Jesse: I don't know. Love is like this escape for people who haven't learned to be alone or to make something of themselves. People think love is this unselfish or totally giving thing. But if you think about it, there's probably nothing more selfish.

So who just broke up with you?


Sounds like you just got hurt.

Pages 92-93:
A wandering violin player has entered the room and is playing a waltz.

But for some people, there are no real goodbyes. I think if you have a meaningful experience with someone else, a true communication, they are with you forever in a way. We are all a part of each other in ways we'll never know.

So it's a deal? We die in the morning?